fashion designer

As a fashion designer, my passion lies in creating creative designs that are a mix of volumes, colors, and fun. My focus is centered on merging vintage trends with current ones, crafting unique pieces that stand out on any occasion.

I’m inspired by the idea of mixing elements from the past with contemporary touches, bringing to life garments that are authentic works of art. Every design I create is like a blank canvas filled with vibrant colors and unexpected shapes.

My goal is for my creations not only to reflect my personal style but also to convey joy and energy to those who wear them. In each garment I design, I seek the perfect combination of conventional and striking designs, achieving a balance of modernity that is timeless.

I’m always thrilled at the opportunity to explore new forms of expression through fashion and to bring my designs to an audience that appreciates originality and fun in every detail. In summary, I’m a passionate fashion designer who finds inspiration in blending vintage and contemporary trends to create creative and colorful designs.

Instagram: @danai_pallares

Portfolio: notjustalabel.com/kode