next events

  • where London, UK
  • date 16-20 FEB

about In the heart of London’s cultural melting pot, designers unleash avant-garde creativity and street-smart fashion on the runway. It’s a celebration of diversity and innovation, defining London as a trendsetting hub with an unmistakable edge.

  • where Milan, IT
  • date 20-26 FEB

about The epitome of Italian elegance and design prowess. Designers unveil a captivating blend of luxurious fabrics and cutting-edge trends. It’s a high-fashion spectacle where the city’s style legacy is redefined, solidifying Milan’s status as a global fashion capital.

  • where Paris, FR
  • date 26 FEB – 5 MAR

about The global fashion arena. Designers showcase haute couture and avant-garde creations that define elegance. It’s a glamorous spectacle where fashion royalty converges, shaping Paris as the unrivaled epicenter of style.

PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 06: Models walk the runway during the Chanel Womenswear Spring/Summer 2021 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 06, 2020 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
  • where Budapest, HU
  • date 22-28 JAN

about Designers unveil a fusion of traditional influences and cutting-edge trends. It’s a fashion affair that reflects the city’s evolving identity, blending elegance with a touch of Eastern European cool. Get ready for a runway journey through Budapest’s unique and vibrant fashion scene!

  • where Conpenhagen, DK
  • date 29 JAN – 2 FEB

about Amid the city’s sleek and minimalistic charm, designers showcase a blend of innovative designs and timeless elegance. It’s a fashion rendezvous where Nordic cool meets global trends, shaping Copenhagen as a style capital.

  • where Seoul, KOR
  • date 1-5 FEB

about Against the backdrop of Seoul’s vibrant energy, designers unleash a wave of innovation and K-fashion flair on the runway. It’s a stylish celebration where traditional influences meet modern chic, defining Seoul as a global fashion hub. Get ready for a dynamic fusion of culture and trendsetting looks

  • where Dubai, UAE
  • date 4-8 FEB

about Picture a blend of luxury and innovation as designers showcase their creations against the backdrop of Dubai’s modern skyline. It’s a sophisticated affair where fashion takes center stage, reflecting the city’s glamorous and cosmopolitan essence.

  • where Berlin, DE
  • date 5-8 FEB

about Against the backdrop of Berlin’s artistic milieu, designers showcase avant-garde styles and innovative designs. It’s a sophisticated celebration where fashion meets artistic expression, shaping Berlin’s identity as a hub for forward-thinking trends.

  • where Tokyo, JPN
  • date 11-16 MAR

about Japan’s style playground, where traditional meets futuristic in a fashion faceoff. It’s like a wild ride through Tokyo streets, with designers dropping trend bombs left and right. Get ready for a fashion adventure, Japanese-style!

  • where Shanghai, CN
  • date 25-30 MAR

Shanghai Fashion Week is like a style fiesta in the heart of China. It’s where designers throw together a cool mix of East-meets-West vibes, turning the city into a runway for some serious fashion fun. Home for avant-garde coolness.

BFH Kick-Off Soirée

  • where SOON
  • date SOON

about Step into a world where creativity, style, and innovation converge as we celebrate the grand inauguration of Barcelona Fashion Hub. Join us for an unforgettable evening that marks the beginning of a new era in the fashion landscape.