I like to introduce myself as a flop engineer. I studied Computer Science because I didn’t know what to do back then, and I still do not know what to do now! Kinda floppy, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I co-founded Qbeast in 2020: a Big Data Analytics Company that simplifies Data Engineers’ lives, and I’ve contributed to several open-source projects both coding and documenting. My interests involve Software Design and the role of Artificial Intelligence as a companion tool for artists.

On the other side, I am a wannabe writer, an iPhone 14 pro max photographer, and an insatiable creator of moodboards. (Again, floppy!) I run a blog where I publish small chapters of independent stories (like Probador, which narrates the experience of a computer trying to learn human behavior from conversations in a fitting room) and fashion articles

Last but not least, due to my big passion for visual arts and special taste for minimalismeveryday scenes, magazines, and catwalks, I produce all kinds of image collections that can inspire people’s lifestyles, initiatives, and outfits through social media. 

TLDR: message me for any crazy software or publication ideas!

Instagram: @gparrdo and @by.gpar
Blog: https://uncurated.blog/